Garbage Chute Cleaning

Cleaning your garbage chute is an important part of maintaining a healthy and hygienic garbage system. We recommend that periodic chute cleaning is better for odour control.

Firows’ Cleaning Company will use specialized equipment to remove the dirt and grime that builds up on the inside walls of the garbage chute itself. Garbage chute cleaning is something that many apartment buildings, office buildings, and other commercial sites neglect, creating a risky environment for tenants. When building tenants discard their trash into a garbage chute, bags regularly open or rip. This results in wet garbage sticking to the inner walls, and dry garbage sticking to the wet garbage, creating breeding sites for Cockroaches, Flies, and odor problems.

There are 2 sources of Garbage odour and pathogens in Garbage chute

  • from the decaying waste in your rubbish bins or compactor.
  • buildup of soiling inside the garbage chute.

Garbage/trash chutes have a naturally occurring up-draft (similar to a chimney). This causes unhealthy odours and bacteria from inside the refuse chute walls to become airborne.

These airborne pathogens and odours then enter public areas as residents open the chute doors and dispose of their rubbish.

Benefits of Chute Cleaning

  • Removal of odour
  • Reducing health risks for tenants and staff.
  • Removal of bacteria, viruses and build-up of garbage.
  • Reducing risk of fire
  • Increasing longevity of chute, compactor and bin
  • Reduce rodent & insect problem

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