What are cockroaches?

If you eliminate their causes and proceed to get rid of roaches through the collaborative efforts with your neighbors, you can succeed.

In apartment buildings, roaches often live in basements. This is a favorable environment for them: basements are usually warm, damp, dirty, and there is a lot of garbage. Under such conditions, roaches multiply very quickly which leads to roach infestation of premises. Cockroaches may leave basements and invade apartments, using ventilation systems. That is why professional disinfection of basements and simultaneous pest control in all apartments are required. Otherwise, the result cannot be achieved: cockroaches will migrate from one apartment to another as the required measures are taken.

How to get rid of roaches?

Beginning the fight against the roaches, you must consider that much easier and faster is to get rid of cockroaches in a private house. As for apartment buildings, here getting rid of roaches can turn into a real prolonged war.

To get rid of roaches, you should combine chemical, mechanical, folk and professional methods.

Chemical methods

are associated with the use of roach poison substances and insecticides. Roach chemicals effectively destroy these insects but have several disadvantages:

  • cockroaches build up a tolerance to any kind of roach killer and become immune to them;
  • cockroaches can hide and wait until the poison in a roach killer is inactive;
  • roach chemicals make your apartment smell unpleasant;
  • poisonous substances of a roach killer can be harmful to human and animal health;
  • the use of roach chemicals affects allergy sufferers;
  • when using roach chemicals, you should leave the room and then ventilate it

Gel treatment of roach killer represents a large syringe with a poisonous substance (fipronil is most often used) effective in process of getting rid of cockroaches. This roach chemicals product is ready for use. You do not need to dilute it. It is easy to use apply drops of a roach poison along the skirting boards of the room (at 10 cm from each other according to the instructions)

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