Indoor Pest Control

Pests inside your home, business, or industrial property can spell serious trouble. At best, they might make a mess of any areas the creatures frequent. In some situations, these infestations can result in extensive damage to your property, or even serious illness for residents and employees.

The good news is our team of exterminators can remediate your indoor pest situation. Through our professional approach, you'll have control of your home, business, or industrial structure once more, and can move forward with confidence.

How we approach an indoor pest control situation can hinge on the kind of infestation. Rely on our experience and professional knowledge to eradicate any indoor pest problem.


Mice, rats, and other rodents can do serious damage to furniture, walls, food supplies, and more. They also leave droppings which can pose a risk to humans, along with other hazards. Catching most rodents effectively and in a sanitary way takes skill. No matter the nature or volume of your rodent infestation, we can help.

We also learn what was attracting the rodents, plus how they were entering the structure, and provide a solution so you're not dealing with the same rodent control problem later.


Just like wingless rodents, bats pose more than just a nuisance. If you have some that have taken up residence in your structure, we provide options for getting them to move on. Repellents will drive away most bats, and we can capture the rest humanely. We will then clean up the droppings.

Our analysis will determine how the animals got inside and provide the necessary bat removal remedy.

We don't use repellants; we remove the bats and seal up the access areas and rescreen vents. And clean up droppings and sanitize the areas.

Since the symptoms and treatment are quite like bat removal, we also offer squirrel removal.


While ants can be annoying, a major infestation can lead to painful bites on your body, ruined food, structural damage, and more. Ants often are quite persistent, which is why you need serious assistance to combat their strategies.

Through our professional methods, we can determine where the silverfish live in your structure. We can apply pesticides and other means to get rid of the pests. In addition, we provide an analysis of what attracted the creatures, so you can prevent a future infestation.


As predators, spiders are attracted to your home, business, or any structure with an abundant supply of insects. Cleaning regularly will help with the problem, although serious infestations require professional help.

We have the right methods to safely catch spiders and remove them for good. Through our custom recommendations, you'll learn how to keep your property relatively spider-free.

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